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Compware Medical® - Your specialist when it comes to safety and efficiency in Methadone substitution


Efficient. Quick. Safe. Easy. Hygienic.

Compware Medical Methadon IT Dosiersystem Methadon-Substitution Vorteile


Whether it comes to clinic, surgery, pharmacy, prison or any other medical institution - we are committed to making the therapy of opiate-addicted patients as efficient as possible for you.

The MeDoSys® Methadone dosing units are customized to the specific needs of the respective target group and provide focused support in its daily business.

An overview of the target-group-oriented benefits you can find here:


The IT-based automation of the innovative and long-term proven MeDoSys® Methadone dosing units reduces your administrative burden and saves you a lot of time. Being able to directly access patient data you obtain a quick overview of your patients' therapy process. In addition, the MeDoSys® automatic dispensers enable you to treat even large numbers of patients within a very short period of time.

All this allows you to focus on the essential: The treatment of your patients.

An overview of the target-group-oriented benefits you can find here:


The technology of the MeDoSys® automatic dosing units developed by CompWare Medical® guarantees highest possible safety for you, your staff and the patients. The MeDoSys® software provides an automated drug-adequate documentation. Each dosing operation is automatically documented by the integrated scale. For, especially in case of shift changes and the involvement of numerous staff members, the legally compliant and tamper-proof documentation is of vital importance.

An overview of the target-group-oriented benefits you can find here:


The MeDoSys® software features a well structured and clear graphical user interface. Additionally, the easy and quick handling of the MeDoSys® Methadone dosing units reduces the workload on your team.

An overview of the target-group-oriented benefits you can find here:


A company specialized in sterilisation technology treats all system parts getting in contact with the liquid substitute with gamma rays to put them into an absolutely sterile state.

A multi-level hygiene concept has been developed for MeDoSys® which begins even with the construction of the MeDoSys® Methadone dosing systems. Continuous tubes and pump heads that are positioned on the outside, for example, allow easy cleaning and replacement.

In addition, bacteriological random checks of the used containers, plastic tubes and intake tubes are carried out in regular intervals. The regular maintenance of the MeDoSys® systems guarantees compliance with the statutory hygiene requirements which are regarded as guidelines for pharmacy compounders

An overview of the target-group-oriented benefits you can find here:

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CompWare Medical® has set the standard for dosing systems in substitution therapy. To date CompWare Medical® has been the undisputed global market leader in this field of technology.

The MeDoSys® dosing system technology guarantees the highest possible safety in dosing.

For more than 25 years, this innovative technology has been continuously developed and enhanced and has become state of the art worldwide.

The dosing units MeDoSys® professional and MeDoSys® doppio are both equipped with smart integrated electronic scales permanently weighing each individual dose for in-process control. Even the substitute's density is determined in a special process and considered as well. In this way, the system controls the exact quantity of substitute being dispensed. Thus each dosing is done volumetrically and, in addition, controlled gravimetrically for safety reasons. This procedure is in accordance with the currently valid Ordinance on the Operation of Pharmacies. In addition, the system would immediately reveal any possible abuse.

Undesired double dosing or dispensing without putting a cup in place is not possible, as the whole process is controlled by the automatic dispensers.

The unique technology of all MeDoSys® automatic dosing units is based on a flexible tube pump system which has been successfully used in the field of dialysis for a long time. It allows the precise dosing of the liquid substitutes and guarantees the essential hygiene. Part of the regular maintenance work performed by the CompWare Medical® service team is the replacement of the tubes. The user does not have to bother with time-consuming cleaning work and there is absolutely no waste of larger quantities of the liquid substitute.

Maintenance concept

The MeDoSys® maintenance concept implies regular maintenance service provided by the CompWare Medical® technical team. Depending on the intensity with which the system is used maintenance service is executed every 6 to 12 months. Service includes not only the replacement of all parts coming into touch with the substitute but also predictive settings and adjustments of the Methadone dosing unit and the MeDoSys® software. 

The integrated electronic scales have to undergo regular so-called metrological checks and must be adjusted, if necessary. This is also done at regular intervals as part of the maintenance concept. 

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