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Project with UNODOC in the baltic states

Projekt mit UNODC in Baltischen Staaten

In 2011, CompWare Medical undertook a complex project to equip 17 OST outpatient sites in the three Baltic states with software and the IT-based documentation and dosing system MeDoSys®.

In addition, the Methadone dosing system MeDoSys® was installed in a bus which since then has provided patients with daily treatment at various locations.

Partners were UNODC, who accompanied and financed the project, public authorities and the OST outpatient sites.

In addition to installation, implementation and training, the CompWare Medical ® team provided a special training of local service personnel enabling them to take over service and hotline on site. The company's 2nd level hotline staff is ready to assist the local personnel 24/7.